WordPress Design Services In Boston

Writing articles related to your line of endeavor is one of the best ways to show your audience that you’re an authority in that field. If you feel that getting a programmer to develop custom blogging script for you is expensive, then, WordPress is a free script that offers you the way out. WordPress is unquestionably the most popular blogging script available today on the Internet. The software is based on PHP, an open source general-purpose scripting language which is multi-platform compatible. That entails your WordPress blog can be hosted on both Windows and UNIX-based servers.

WordPress blogging software is very secure and has many programmers around the world who ceaselessly work to enhance it. However, by default the free software comes with templates that can be found on millions of weblogs. And the so-called free templates that many designers churn out are not well optimized for search engines and they force users to keep their links in place on the users’ sites. Under normal circumstances you will never want to link to some of those sites, but under a free template contract, you’re obligated to keep them. This is where Website Boston comes in to take away your dilemma. We provide custom WordPress design services in Boston that enhance web page optimization and eliminates the obligation to link back to any template designer.

WordPress theme design is a popular solution for our company and you’re encouraged to use it to build your customers’ trust and confidence. Our WordPress design services in Boston help our numerous local, nationwide and international clients to have unique designs that separate their blogs from the masses. Each custom design is 100% unique and created according to the client’s specifications, taste and needs.

While majority of free WP templates do not contain proper implementation of Meta tags, our services ensure they’re correctly placed at strategic locations of web pages, to enhance search engine discoverability and indexing of keywords. Selecting the right WP plug-ins for one’s needs can be quite challenging even to a pro. We carefully select and install all the powerful plug-ins necessary to effectively operate a WordPress blog.

Heading tags, such as h1, h2, and h3 are used in our WP web page design to show search engine crawlers priority of important keywords. While this is one of the elements free templates lack, we insist on implementing these tags to ensure that your blog ranks well for their target keywords.

Website Boston designs custom WordPress themes that are well optimized to maximize ads earnings. These designs with optimal placement of advertisements alone separate our WordPress services from the free themes that are designed and shared for the sole purpose of getting inbound links from users.

Getting a custom design from us ensures that your blog will have a matching font and color combination across your entire site. This is exceptionally useful if the WP blog is just a part of a website, as it will be designed to effortlessly blend with whole site.

You do not need to have any knowledge of programming before you can use our custom designs. Just tell us your specifications and we’ll do the entire job satisfactorily for you. Our WordPress design services in Boston relieves you the challenging coding task of customizing your blog.