Information Architecture Services In Boston

Information architecture service is the practice of logically organizing and labeling a site’s content to enhance its usability. A website that has lots of data requires appropriate organization of its content, and that’s where Website Boston comes in. Our firm provides qualitative information architecture services in Boston, which includes logical organization of content to enhance site usability and keyword optimization. Website Boston assigns an information architect to every project. His job is working closely with the client to develop a standard structure of his/her site’s content based on logical terms and user behaviors. Our company charges on an hourly basis for information architecture services.

Website Boston uses a special technique to craft information architecture for our clients that endures the test of time. These methods include:

1) Probing deeper to fully understand a client’s business goals. We interview the client to have a very clear understanding of his/her business objectives. Furnishing us with all the necessary information is fundamental to the overall success of the information architecture services. 2) Conducting usability studies to determine user behavior and the likely questions the site’s visitors need to be answered. We use some metrics like analytics to ascertain how users behave when they visit your site, the web pages that are most frequently viewed and the type of data they’re looking for. This research helps us to provide the necessary information and answers to them. 3) Logical organization of the site’s content based on our knowledge of users’ behavior and their information needs. We use the details collected earlier to organize the entire content to suit the site’s audience. 4) Creating a labeling system that helps users to better understand the site’s content. These comprehension-aided labels can be associated with links, headings and navigation bars. Here popular keywords are well optimized through proper labeling. 5) Creating a very clear navigational system that makes it easier to find content and distinctively shows visitors where they are at any point in time. There’s nothing more annoying to visitors than feeling lost while navigating through a site, due to navigational issues. A prospective customer will surely leave your site, if he/she cannot easily locate the product or service which you surely have on an obscure web page somewhere. But you do not need to worry about this issue, since we will be working for you to rectify it! We’re talented web designers and information architects, and so, no matter how large your site is, we will develop an easily accessible system of navigation for it, so that every web page can be reachable from at least related, if not all web pages. 6) When working on a large site with lots of data, we program a custom search application that can be used to quickly retrieve information from a database. A large site that doesn’t have any search function makes it hard for visitors to find the content that matter to them.

When you visit websites like Microsoft and Google, you will notice that their contents are well organized and you can easily find everything you’re looking for. The reason is simply because information architects like us organized and labeled both sites. We strongly recommend you use our information architecture services, in order to enhance your site’s usability. How well your site’s content is structured affects your prospective customers’ confidence and trust in you.