Search-optimized Design

Website Boston is a website designer that implements proper on-page optimization of web pages during designing. Our strict adherence to this principle ensures that our clients’ websites are properly crawled and indexed by all search engines in Boston and nationwide.

Proper Use Of Tags

Our vast knowledge of SEO and implementation guarantees proper placement of targeted keywords in the Title, Meta keywords and Meta Description tags. We also use Heading tags to prioritize very important keywords to help web crawlers to discover them.

Why On-page SEO?

A website design must be properly optimized according to web standards, in order to be noticed by web crawlers. It’s wrong to perform only off-page search engine optimization and neglect on-page. You might be unintentionally restricting search bot activity on your site.

Why Website Boston?

We know the importance of on-page search engine optimization to business growth. Since our specialty is crafting search engine-optimized designs, we abide with the SEO best practices of web development, in order to enhance our clients’ sites’ visibility in organic searches.

When Should I Do It?

On-page search engine optimization can be done at any stage of a site’s existence. But, the best practice is to get it done at the earliest possible time, which is during the initial designing. Doing it at an early stage enables search engine spiders to quickly pick up your site.