3 Month Guarantee

Website Boston gives a three (3) month guarantee to each website we design that it will perform optimally without having any issue. Typically the sites we design and program do not develop bugs, but this guarantee is to given to strengthen your belief in our company.

3 Month Free Support

This three (3) month bug-free guarantee comes packaged with an award winning technical support. Throughout this period our support team will fix any unforeseen technical error that will occur. This technical guarantee ensures that you can count on us anytime!

We’re Here In Boston

We’re a Boston, Massachusetts-based web design firm and not located offshore in India or elsewhere. Our location alone shows you can trust and easily reach us. We’re at your arms length and hence, you can reach us at anytime of your linking through several means.

Unlimited Call Time

Unlike several other web designers out there, we do not have any limit to the time a client is permitted to talk to us on the phone for support. Unlimited call time will help you to relax and narrate in detail to our dedicated support team any technical problem you’re experiencing.

You’ll Get All The Source Files

Website Boston has a policy of giving all the source files of projects to our clients after those projects have been completed. This guarantees that your website project can be redesigned, updated and maintained by you or another web developer without our interference.