How we work

An effective web site is based on much more than pretty pictures and writing witty words. You have to know your company, your customers, your competition and what you want to accomplish. We guide you through the process from developing ideas through turning them into an attractive, powerful website that will engage your customers.

Step 1

We talk with you about your company and goals. During this appointment, we will ask you a lot of questions to help define what you are looking for and determine the best way to accomplish the desired result. You can expect to hear in-depth questions about: Your Competition - how they are similar to you and how are they different Your Customers - who they are and how they may find you as well as what they can expect from your service Your Company's Image and and it's 1, 5 and 10 year growth vision Your future marketing plans to help guide you to an design strategy And such tricky questions as why do you need the site in the first place?

Step 2

We craft creative solutions that will meet your needs. No two websites are the same and no two clients are the same. Based on the information compiled with you during the step 1 we will outline the plan of your site with reference to style, flow and value of the information presented to your visitor to make sure that we build a comprehensive online presence for your brand.

Step 3

We set up a timeline with milestones so that you know when the work will be done. Such timeline may include Logo design, Mockups of the pages, Coding and more sophisticated features like members area programming or shopping cart integration if such are needed for the project.

Step 4

We put everything together into our project management system and report to you once a week on the status of the tasks that are currently at hand. By keeping you engaged in the entire web development process from start of the project until it's end we ensure that your project we you online.

Step 5

Once the project is complete and you decide to take increase your site's exposure we can assist you with the SEO campaign. Our sister company that deals with SEO is currently at the top position in google for keyword "SEO Boston" proving that if there is a firm in Boston who knows how to do organic web marketing - this firm is us.