How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

We at Website Boston strive to complete every website design or script programming project sooner than the owner expects. The length of time it takes to build a website depends on the simplicity or complexity of the project. Generally it takes about five weeks to design the layout of a five-paged site and two weeks to code it, if no design changes are requested. On the other hand, programming requires a special timeline, based on the specs of each project. Typically, it takes us between one and two months on average to program a CMS (content management system), such as a shopping cart, blog software or any other server-side script, depending on the complexity of the project. Our average timeline is given based on a five paged website. Since every project demands unique functions and features, the accuracy of time-frame is determined on individual basis where certain factors will be taken into consideration.


Whether your business needs an average-sized site of five pages, more or less, Website Boston will address the most vital aspects of the design, development and content creation to best serve your needs. Knowing that quality results require time and attention that only a professional team of web designers, programmers and marketing specialists can provide is the first step in choosing your web design firm. Website Boston adds the convenience of providing you with a dedicated project manager, helping you determine the appropriate level of technical content for your business’s website and orchestrating the aspects you need. Communicating the appropriate message to your local Boston clientele as well as potential customers nationwide requires research, planning and expert execution that only Website Boston can provide locally.

Factors That Determine How Long It Takes To Build A Site Are:

How soon the client provides the details to our team:- Every web designer needs the necessary information on the functions a project owner wants to be included. Getting these details on time will surely hasten the time it will take us to create your site. Also, the time-frame for developing a site largely depends on the client’s ability to communicate and responsiveness to requested information. The number of web pages the site will have:- A website project that has a small number of web pages takes a shorter time to complete, while numerous web pages will take a longer time. The complexity of the features and functions the project owner wants to be incorporated also determine the time-frame. Some features take short periods of time to program, while others take a prolonged time. If the site will be ordinary HTML web pages or server-side scripting is needed:- Coding client-side web pages, such as HTML and JavaScript don’t take much time to finish. But programming server-side scripts using PHP, ASP, JSP or ColdFusion might take a longer time. Whether the site will have an administrative module (control panel) or not:- While some CMSs need administrative panels, other projects don’t need them at all. Programming the interface and functionality of an admin panel extends the time-frame of a project. Website Boston assigns a project manager to work closely with every client until his/her project is completed. The bottom-line is to get all your project’s details together and send them to us in a timely manner. Doing this will evidently help us to build your site quickly.