Get A Contact Form

Website Boston designs and codes very secure contact forms that enable our clients to receive messages sent directly by their sites’ visitors. Generally we include a contact form in every website design package, unless when expressly stated otherwise in a contract.

Avoid Spam

Allow your site’s visitors to send messages to you directly from the site. We incorporate Captcha validation in web forms to ensure only human visitors are allowed to send messages to you. Implementing Captcha validating code is very vital to eliminating spam.

Get Reliable Forms

Website Boston comprises a team of seasoned web developers who are well versed in many web authoring tools and scripting languages, including PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, JavaScript and HTML. That’s why our happy clients count on us for building reliable web forms.

Security Guaranteed!

Security matters a lot when it comes to contact forms. We at Website Boston take security seriously and thoroughly test each form to ensure no malicious attack can originate from the coding done. Join our happy clients and say goodbye to cross scripting attacks.

Why Get A Web Form?

Every website administrator needs at least one (1) interactive web form to communicate with visitors and customers. It helps prospective customers to easily connect with you without delay, instead of letting them to go through the rigmarole of time-wasting snail mail.