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Leasing a website design is a concept completely unique to Website Boston. This concept allows you to have a professional business presence on the Internet at a budget cost. In a website lease agreement, you do not purchase the website template/theme, but contract to use it throughout the duration of the agreed period. When the lease period expires, the website will revert back to Website Boston, but you have the option to extend the contract.

Very similar to leasing a car, you will certainly get a fully-functional website at a very low cost of $99.00 only per month. And this monthly payment is completely tax-deductible.

Benefits of website leasing:

  • Less down payment – Leasing is very advantageous because it doesn’t demand a lessee to pay a large amount of money up front.
  • Small monthly payment – Website Boston does not require anyone under a lease agreement to pay a lump sum of money every month. Instead we charge just a small monthly payment because you’re contracting to utilize a fraction of the site’s overall value.
  • A new website often – Your website preference and taste may change over time. A short-term lease will help you to acquire an entirely new design with different features more often. A lease makes it easier for those who might want to upgrade to larger or degrade to smaller sites to adapt to their ever-changing needs.


Leasing a website template doesn’t require making the same cash commitment as when purchasing it; the lessee is only charged for the value of the used website during the lease. Upon expiration of the contact, the lessee has the option to re-lease the site for an additional term, return it for an entirely different design, purchase it at a set price, or return it and simply walk away. Actually leasing a website helps people to operate websites without going over the roof. Here at Website Boston, every lease contract requires the lessee to pay an activation fee of $245.