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Web Store Design services In Boston

Interactivity and security are the building blocks of reliable online stores. Website Boston is staffed with seasoned developers who provide amazing web store design services in Boston. We program secure online shops that have great functionality to enable our numerous clients to sell both downloadable and physical goods. We put so much thought and expertise into each project, so as to produce an amazing result.

We’re very experienced in all server-side scripting languages, including, but not limited to PHP, ASP and ColdFusion, which are necessary for building highly interactive web stores. We have been designing and developing fully-functional custom online stores for several happy clients since 2007. Our expertise in a variety of platforms enables us to reach a wider audience. Here at Website Boston we know that an e-commerce site must be secure, since personally-identifying details of customers like credit card information need to be stored. That’s why we take all the security measures into consideration and implement them on every script we program for our clients. We have what it takes to assist any Boston business owner with developing a shopping cart to enable him/her operate a reliable ecommerce venture.

  • In 2011, 66 % of internet users have purchased something online at least once (which has doubled since 2000).

    Pew Internet Project
  • Internet sales have surpassed the 50 % mark of all sales in United States.

    US Census

The custom web store programming solutions include user interface design, client-side and server-side apps, custom search facility, display modules and database creation. We make sure that every script is well optimized in accordance with search engine guidelines for script developers. This excludes our clients from the crawling and indexing issues many web stores out there have. Unlike off-the-shelf shopping scripts that have the same boring features found on countless web stores, the custom stores we program ensure that yours will be uniquely-built according to your own specific needs and requirements.

There’s no point in getting off-the-shelf software that has several widgets, plug-ins and functionalities you will never use, while not having those you desire so much to have. Our custom web store design services in Boston help businesses like yours to minimize cost by including only the needed functions. This guarantees you’ll get the full value for your money!

There is no custom solution that is too complicated for our programming team. If you can dream up any functionality that will help your business to grow, we can surely turn that dream into reality by implementing it.

Our web store design services in Boston include the capability of integrating all popular payment processors with online stores. We can help you to accept credit card payments directly on your online shop. If you need to incorporate any major payment gateway, such as PayPal, AlertPay, Google Checkout, 2Checkout and Moneybookers, count on us since you will be in good hands. We can as well implement other less known gateways.

As a rule we assign a project manager to every project and he works closely with the client to make sure every detail is properly communicated to our programmers and that the client gets the desired result. Website Boston does not leave our clients to go until their satisfaction is attained. So, rest assured that your online success is in the heart of our company.