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Flash Web Design Services In Boston

Flash is a RIA (rich Internet application) that is used to create websites or spice web pages up. Our firm, Website Boston, is staffed with experienced Flash programmers who build artistically-creative, interactive and beautifully-logical Flash web designs. Website Boston provides affordable Flash web design services in Boston to our local, national and international clients. Our graphic designers have a perfect understanding of Adobe Flash CS5 authoring software. We’ve been following the trend for a several years, and hence, know where technology was years ago and where it is now. Our vast experience in ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 guarantees that we have the capability to implement a highly interactive Flash application according to your needs and can handle backward compatibility of your apps.

We use Flash apps to immediately capture the attention of website visitors and quickly communicate important messages to them more than would be possible by using textual content. Using Flash applications to communicate messages increases visitors’ chances of spending longer time on the visited sites and possibly turns them into buying customers. Website Boston has a track record of providing top-notch Flash solutions, which include website animation, Flash animation and Flash design services.

Hiring us will guarantee that you’ll get a search engine-friendly site that search engine bots won’t have any issue crawling and indexing. We do not just design rich Internet applications that cannot be crawled, as many of our competitors do, but we ensure that your keywords are effectively crawled and indexed. There’s absolutely no point in hiring a Flash web design service provider who cannot guarantee your site will be found in organic searches, since search engines contribute to more than 80% of the ways by which content is found on the web. Your interest is at the heart of every of our developer, and our previous works speak for our authority in this field!

If you’re looking for a designer to create very interactive Flash application that will be capable of conveying the right messages to your target audience, look no further because you’ve come to the right place. When you contract with us to work for you, we’ll assign a project manager to work closely with you from start to finish, and ensure your needs are fully met.

Entrust your Flash design projects into our capable hands and sit back to see your mere imagination transformed into stunning visual reality. Our company does not give immediate recommendation of using Flash to develop an entire site in most cases, since search engine bots have difficulty crawling and indexing Flash elements. Please, be aware that objects in Flash files load on web browsers by making script calls, which the search crawlers we have today are not able to access. However, Flash is largely useful in some industries where website content is better communicated to visitors through visual elements.

We strictly follow search engine best practices while incorporating Flash apps on web pages. Owing to the issues Flash files have with regards to search engine crawling and indexing, we make sure that content in every Flash application is alternatively represented in plain text format. This practice ensures that search bots discover all the content and rank Flash sites for their target keywords.