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Website Boston’s Privacy Policy

Website Boston requires some personal information from our clients and prospective ones, whenever there is need. And these data are collected through our web form and email with each person’s full consent.

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What We Collect

  • Our clients’ names
  • Email addresses
  • Instant Messenger IDs
  • Financial Information


What We Use The Information For

We use the personal information to serve our numerous clients the best possible way, and to deliver the services they pay for. Naturally, a name is used to identify each person that initiates communication with us. We use the email addresses to effectively communicate with our clients and prospective ones. Instant messenger IDs are sometimes required to respond in real-time to the needs of our clients. We ask for financial details, when someone opts to pay for our services with a credit card.

Website Boston is staffed with responsible web developers and customer service personnel who don’t take the privacy of our clients lightly. We respect the right to privacy of everyone who entrusts us with his/her personally-identifying information. We don’t use the personal data for other purposes, except for those reasons specifically stated above. Website Boston doesn’t misuse, sell or lease out what is privately entrusted in our hands. Our company doesn’t send unsolicited email to anyone – we despise it!

Our Efforts To Keep The Personal Information

Website Boston safeguards the personal data our clients and site’s visitors entrust in our hands. Access to these data is strictly restricted to the senior staff members they’re meant for.