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How to rekindle your Website’s fire

fireMany webmasters won’t admit it, but their websites are suffering and are spotted over with symptoms of what I’d call “bring me back to life”. It might sound crazy and maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I really do believe that some webmasters need to take a rain check and work on the mess they call a website. I’ve often had encounters with lousy websites. The ones that reek with ads, badly written content and messy navigation menus (if they have any, by the way). If you feel offended by the truth, do something about it and fix your website. If your website is feeling or looking a tad old (or a lot old), here’s how you can rekindle the fire your website had or at least create some. Before you know it, you’ll have that bad boy up and running.

Pep up your website’s content

infographicContent is very important. I’ve encountered several websites with distasteful designs and organization but guess what? Their content rocked. Guys, in no way am I encouraging you to design a sloppy website, I’m just stating it as is. The reality is, current is very important to your audience. If your website is barely limping on a fence but your content is headline, relevant, sassy and properly edited, people will read your stuff.

Another area of your content that needs to be updated is your contact information. If your Company’s details change regularly, it’s anticipated that the information on your website such as your email address, contact number, business location, fax numbers and others be changed. An update to your content should also include adding to and subtracting from your site. If you’re not accustomed to using interactive and simple tools such as short videos, images, charts and infographics, it’s time to get with the flow. Since these are more contemporary content marketing strategies, they can be used onsite to provide a ray of hope for webmasters and breathe life back into their websites.

Add social media share buttons

This usually ticks me off! If I’m reading a website post and it gets to me, I want my friends to know about it. The reality is, good and useful content should not be wrapped in a perfectly decorated package, only to be concealed from the rest of the world. It should be opened for the world to see. How can I share this draw dropping content with friends if the webmaster does not have an option to share or have social sharing plugins to allow me to do so? That’s ridiculous!

Worst case scenario? I can actually identify those webmasters who have made this mistake repeatedly. No… They’re not seasoned or trained marketers and web developers. They’reshare buttons novices who did not take heed to proper advice or did not ensure to follow the footsteps of well seasoned marketers within the industry. I’m usually hard on persons in this area since they should know better. Why? They have used websites before and have interacted with sites through Facebook likes, twitter shares etc. Since they’re accustomed to seeing this feature when they use websites, they should have emulated the same technique and enable sharing via social media platforms. Therefore, whenever webmasters fail to use share buttons, it’s a downright shame. With the use of social sharing buttons, you’ll be making your content findable and you’ll be setting up your business to welcome a wider audience. How does this add life to your website? The more traffic your website receives on a daily basis, the more active it’ll become. In turn, that will motivate you to want to do more to keep your audience.

Get rid of broken links

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! Nothing scares away readers and visitors like broken links. If you want a quick way to get rid of your website’s traffic, leave broken links and links leading to nowhere on your site. Your internal web links are important. They’re what readers use to skip from one article to the other. They’re normally intent to provide additional information and external linksso users are always opened to internal links. If you want to update your website, ensure that all your links are working. With regular maintenance checks or an allotted number of hours set aside for searching for broken links, you will be able to capture any discrepancies or abnormalities. By picking up internal links that are broken, you’ll be able to refresh your website and save it from going down.

External links are also important factors to consider. These links are normally used for providing relationships between your website and another website similar to your niche. Since some websites have the potential to go bad and malfunction at times, you should monitor what websites you link to. Linking to a website that’s broken could cause your audience to become frustrated and ticked off. A frustrated audience might not return to your site, at least not anytime soon.

Spicing things up with videos

Videos are easy targets to adding class and fire to your website. Videos are more relatable, they’re simple, and they’re easily understood. Since the majority of Internet users do not read content in its entirety, videos are more effective in providing information.

SEO and Marketing

Search engine optimization and marketing plays a major part in the development of every digital marketing business. In order to be found by clients, businesses need to ensure that theirseo & marketing companies are properly marketed online. SEO and marketing varies but are similar in several cases. SEO focuses on getting a company’s website a spot on page 1 of search results pages. With proper SEO techniques such as onsite SEO ( ensuring that links are functional and proper meta descriptions are used) , off site SEO which includes building links and providing appropriate exposure for your website and social media marketing which includes developing a relationship on social media platforms with selected audience or the world in general. How will SEO and marketing help with rekindling the fire of your website? SEO is all about your website’s visibility. The more exposed your business is, the more interaction it’ll get.

While there are several other techniques that are at your disposal to assist in bringing back your website to life and rekindling its fire, the above mentioned are easily implemented and well, affordable.


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