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How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for your Website

content marketing

Content is important to the survival of your business. If you have a website up and running, it’s only crucial that you refresh its content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on what works for you. If your content is not up to standards, it could affect your business negatively. How do you get good content? Simply, hire a writer or get the job done yourself, provided that you have awesome writing skills. While content is important, marketing that content is just as vital.

To illustrate: Devaro is a copywriter for a Telecommunications Company. He writes daily articles to upload to his blogs but his company never provided an additional arm to market the finished content. What do you think will happen to Devaro’s content? Yup… You’re right, you’ve said it, it’ll go nowhere. What do I mean by that? Since there are no content marketing strategies put in place, few or no one will find Devaro’s work. If that’s the case, all his efforts are in vain, futile. marketingHowever, if Devaro was providing awesome content and his company had someone to market his work, Devaro would feel a measure of success since his work is not in vain or is only being read by Google bots. Not only will Devaro benefit from having his work seen by actual eyes, human eyes, but his website will benefit because of the immense traffic it would be receiving on a daily basis.

With that said, content marketing works in a similar way. Before content is written, the marketer implements ways in which they can create exposure for the content, whereby increasing their website’s viewership. Simply put, content marketing is the act of promoting content on various sites while content marketing strategy includes putting a systematic technique (s) in place to market the content. If you’ve been creating content for years but have never implemented a content marketing strategy, here’s how you can create one that’s effective.

  1. Get your company to Jump on the bandwagon

I do believe it’s safe to say that every company has a vision or where they want to be. If you’re producing content on a regular basis or you’re marketing for clients, it’s important that you have a strategy in place to market their content. If you’re marketing for your company, it’s important that you get everyone to buy in on your vision. While you do not want to share this vision with everyone, you need to share with those who’ll be able to help you attain that vision, play a part or at least provide you with the resource or budget to have your content marketing strategy come to reality.

  1. Create informative content for your website

infoNot only should your content be free from grammatical errors but it should also be informative. If your content is not informative or doesn’t provide value, people will not read your content. On the contrary, if your penned articles are rich with information, you’ll have an audience to depend on for sufficient traffic to keep your website afloat and even above other websites in your niche. How does informative content affect your content marketing strategy? Simply, when you have good and informative content, it boost your confidence and you’ll be more inclined to market something you’re sure of.

  1. Relevant Content

Not only should your content be informative, but also relevant. If you have a particular audience in mind that you’d like to market your services, your content should have some bearing on what they really want. If you’re offering SEO and marketing services but your website is about sports, a completely irrelevant subject, those who are interested in learning about SEO will not stick around on your site. Even though it’s a challenging task to determine what your audience deem appropriate, timely and popular, it can be accomplished. If other content marketers are having success in this area then you can too. It’s also important to be consistent in composing your content or the methods you implement within your marketing strategy. Not everyone likes a surprise or spontaneity so it’s best to give your visitors what they want and most importantly, when they want it. If you change what you do too often, your users will suffer from inconsistency.

  1. Be active in marketing

Marketing your content involves getting active. In order for people to know about your service or product, you need to ensure that you find ways to get your content out there.google+ If you’re marketing a social website or one that doesn’t include extremely difficult scientific methods or anything that `includes a combination of letters and numbers such as ‘Error 0x00080500’ (or whatever that computer error is), marketing your content on social media sites will be a great idea and venture to undertake. Social media sites such as Google+ is a very good platform from which to market your content. Alot of people, companies and marketers are using this platform so you can too. Unlike Facebook, Google+ provides exposure for your website even without paying a penny out of pocket. If you’re not paying money to market your content on Facebook, your website traffic will go nowhere.

Once you create daily posts on Google+, people using the platform will be able to view your posts. If the snippet or stream looks good and the content provides information that is relevant, they’ll follow you. Eventually, these visitors will become followers of your Google+ account and website. Once a follower shares your posts or interacts on your social platform, others in their circle will see and follow you.

  1. Be entertaining

Content should be exhilarating. If your content is not able to entertain your audience or provide some refreshment, you’re giving them more than what they can chew. While content should be informative, relevant and consistent, it should be fun and hip. Entertain your audience and you’ll have them eating out of your palms.

While there are many other ways to market your content, the above mentioned are the most widely used. If you can effectively create informative, relevant, consistent and entertaining content, you’d have developed a strategy that will provide results for your marketing efforts.


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