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When it comes to marketing your small business, Intermedia Webworks has developed a ten point plan
for increasing your profits, and growing your customer base. Our proven system has helped hundreds of
other Boston businesses – and yours could be next. Here, we’ve compiled some of our most successful
tips, to help you promote your company:


Take on the search engines

Start your business marketing strategy at the same place your customers begin: with the search engines.
Sites like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Yelp are essential focal points for growing your internet reputation.
Developing name recognition is the key to getting your company noticed. Your placement within the
search engines is directly related to the amount of new customers you get.

Bring on the email campaigns

Email marketing and newsletters are an excellent way to keep your customers informed of your
products and services. Develop a custom email campaign, where you can up sell your products, extend
discounts to loyal clients, notify people of current or up coming promotions, and reach an extended
customer base. When done correctly, an email campaign can be one of your most effective tools for
increasing your business.

Stay in touch

When it comes to customer inquiries or concerns, you want them to know that you care about what
they have to say. Working directly with your email provider, set up an auto response program to quickly
respond to your clients when they send you a question. For example:

“Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Your Company Name! We have received your request and are
working to address it as quickly and effectively as possible. A trained member of our
team will contact you shortly. 

We at Your Company Name recognize the value of our customers' time and we are able to
answer most inquiries within 24 hours.  


Your Company Name Support”

Go Logo

A recognizable logo is as important to the growth of your business as a good name and well built
website. A logo creates a visual association in the mind of your customer, linking your products and
services to the specifics of their transaction with you. When developing your logo, make sure it will
stand out in the minds of your present, future and potential clients.

Blog, Perfected

In today’s internet fueled business world, a blog can be they key to keeping your customers informed
as to what’s going on within your company- and within your field. If your small business doesn’t have a
blog yet, set one up. And if you do have one, make sure it is updated often with well written, engaging
subject matter.

Frequent Flyers

Properly executed, a flyer campaign can drum up quite a bit of business. Personalized flyers with full
sized, glossy pictures can be an effective marketing tool- especially if it’s in keeping with local flavor.
Combined with an enticing promotional offer or free gift, a flyer campaign can bring in a huge return
on investment. And it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. 10,000 8.5 by 11 full color glossy photo
flyers start at just $400.

Book ‘Em

Just because your company falls under the category of small business doesn’t mean that you can’t
compete with the big boys. Impress your customers with a professionally designed brochure and
promotional materials. Well designed product and service pamphlets will make a huge difference in a
client’s perception of your company.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Know thy enemy is as true in the business marketing world as it is in war. Make sure you dissect your
competition’s advertising and marketing techniques, in order to come up with a plan that allows you to
beat them at their own game. Foremost among this strategy is the development of a quality website.
With less than 15% of business searches being conducted with the yellow pages or other non internet
methods, can you afford not to have a good website? In addition to creating and maintaining a shinning
web page, cut in on your competitors advertising revenues by using their own promotions against them

Feel the Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential- and often overlooked- aspect of growing your business. No one
knows what your customers want more than the customers themselves. By creating a valuable offer to
them in exchange for honest feedback and comments, you can tune in to the wants of your client base,
even before they do.

Dive In

When you’re ready to take your small business marketing strategies to the next level- and create a real
buzz about YOUR products and services, contact the experts at Intermedia Webworks. We can develop a
business marketing plan that reflects not only your target demographic, but your budget as well.